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November 2015

TIL: Oh Wonder

People today love Taylor Swift, 1D, Nicki Minaj, Maroon 5, and others who pretty much sound like them. They’re all about Pop, which is a lazy term for Popular music.  Pop here, pop there, pop seemingly everywhere. I dig pop, it’s just that I kinda go with them occasionally. What I truly dig is that the songs have their own “greatness”, which is unexpectedly nice to listen to. Then, I met Oh Wonder.

Oh Wonder is, or are an English Duo. So, they are Brits in accent. They’re  Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, which surprisingly,  they just started last year. I met them when I was listening to KIKO by Panda Eyes and I wasn’t able to turn of YouTube’s auto-play feature. I thought that it was part of the song, until I opened the tab. Their first song I heard was their Livewire.

The thing I love about them is that they give you a different feeling of life. Their voices will sure want to make you play it again and again in bed, and just think about life. Their songs give of a relaxing vibe with a bit of color added to it. Most of their songs are rather gloomy, even though they look happy in their pictures. It’s a lie, when you relate it to the song. They make use of appropriate instruments and appropriate lyrics, so wont be hearing any f*** or a**.

Another thing I love about them is that their lyrics are simply great. Try to add it with their lovely voices! They produce a song every month, and every September,  they release an album! What’s not to love about them? Besides, they have a different kind of genre: Chill and Indie. That’s not what you hear everyday, you know. Not sure about you guys, but I’m kinda attracted to Josephine.

That’s the only thing I can say about them, they are quite mysterious to be honest. So be sure check out their channel on YouTube, and hear for it yourself!



Spaghetti Magic

We all have this mutual childhood friend; Spaghetti. It lights up our world and brings joy to the dining table. We enjoy everything about it, even as years went by. It’s mainly made up of pasta and tomato sauce. It can be cooked home style or fancy restaurant style, but it’s a bit too expensive to have it every day. What if, I can fix that? Spaghetti magic takes its place. All you need to do now is not burn leaves…what?!

Yup, start out by not burning fallen leaves. Just store them neatly as a hefty pile. For the next step, I just hope that listened to your science teacher during grade school. The next thing is to simply give them to the farmers. You’re now wondering, “Where’s the magic this guy’s talking about?” Magic, on this case, is not magic. It’s Science!

What happens to dried out fallen leaves? They rot. The process is called decomposing. Their “remains” can be used as natural fertilizer, and we are giving it for free to farmers. You’ll just have to find a way on how to transport it though. Since farmers use chemical fertilizers, with this, we lessen negative impact of chemical reaction to crops.

Without chemical fertilizers bought, a huge chunk of the crop prices go down since they don’t need to take some money for their fertilizer. This will eventually lower the price for wheat, tomatoes and other crops which can create spaghetti. If you think about it, it can also suppress global warming at the same time! Talk about multitasking.

See? This idea can save your space, keeps our yard neat, lessens farmer’s spending, produce great crops, promotes lowering of food items, and even help us on global warming. “Everything is connected to everything else.” So wander off and find that connection in life. You’ll be able to create something, which can benefit you, me and everyone.


Watercolor Vision

What’s daydreaming? Those are the times when we imagine to the point we’re dreaming awake. We tend to imagine about the near future, reflect the past, or our mind flying somewhere over the rainbow. Most are pessimistic when they think about it. This happened to me for a whole day, but it’s not what you think.

Daydreaming is not harmful, and who said it was? It’s better to daydream when you’re idle. There are times we daydream with what we do, that’s why we pause unconsciously on our work. I wander while wandering around too. To cope up with that, I replace my daydreaming by listening to music. Music changes how I perceive the world, and how I do things. I usually listen to 60% Techno music, then 30% Rock and the rest is Metal. Techno can be very “colorful”, allowing them to cope up with my heart, head and hands.

With a personality that finds new perspectives, I see perspectives. I imagined things from fantasies and realities then connect it with possibilities. Simply with that, I can further understand life. I imagine a world is a colorful phenomenon from different colorful perspectives, and we tend to take this for granted. I enjoy life as it is. I don’t want this to change in a big way, I just have to think of something to make it better – like spilled paint on a clean canvas.

Some people wander off by working their heads off. They like tearing things apart and putting it back together. Some people socialize, some people read, some people play. You can really see different ways on how people imagine and wander off. Time can also affect us, and majority of us wanders off at nighttime. I wander off at noon, or what I like to call “Mid-day wander lust.” This means that I might not be the only one to imagine what I imagine. Never know…

We all are equal, but choose who we want to be. We have our own unique perspective of life. I have my own perspective, and I see the world colorfully, much like having “Watercolor Vision”. I wander to explore. I wander to live. I wander to be happy.

Journal Entry no. 1

Hi! This is my first legit journal post. In fact, this is my first journal ever! Anywho, this is my journal entry no.1 and I’m not going to create blog posts daily, so, bear with me guys.

It was five o’ clock in the morning, when I woke up. Then the usual things we all do in the morning, but if I’m done, I usual grab my little brother’s bricks and build stuff. I did a thing looking like a light armoured Samurai helmet at Casey’s home. We ate together and went to school with my dad. Every morning in my life looks the same, but feels different.

In school, our room was locked up, so we had to stay outside for a while. A had a little talk with my classmates about any topic my head can think up of. When the room opened, same routine follows. I can get bored by repeatedly doing things, that’s why I want to create new friends; one small step at a time.

After all those subjects, discussions, quizzes, and noises, it’s time to go back home. It’s also my favourite time to hang out. I can meet up with my friends in other sections and some on other year levels too. I talked to most people I became friends with, but some, they look frustrated and started to ignore me. But the point is, after all those works, I get to create music again. Finally!

So, that’s the summary of what happened on this day, November 09, 2015, Monday. For the music part, I’m planning to upload my creations, so stay tuned for the big announcement.

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