We all have this mutual childhood friend; Spaghetti. It lights up our world and brings joy to the dining table. We enjoy everything about it, even as years went by. It’s mainly made up of pasta and tomato sauce. It can be cooked home style or fancy restaurant style, but it’s a bit too expensive to have it every day. What if, I can fix that? Spaghetti magic takes its place. All you need to do now is not burn leaves…what?!

Yup, start out by not burning fallen leaves. Just store them neatly as a hefty pile. For the next step, I just hope that listened to your science teacher during grade school. The next thing is to simply give them to the farmers. You’re now wondering, “Where’s the magic this guy’s talking about?” Magic, on this case, is not magic. It’s Science!

What happens to dried out fallen leaves? They rot. The process is called decomposing. Their “remains” can be used as natural fertilizer, and we are giving it for free to farmers. You’ll just have to find a way on how to transport it though. Since farmers use chemical fertilizers, with this, we lessen negative impact of chemical reaction to crops.

Without chemical fertilizers bought, a huge chunk of the crop prices go down since they don’t need to take some money for their fertilizer. This will eventually lower the price for wheat, tomatoes and other crops which can create spaghetti. If you think about it, it can also suppress global warming at the same time! Talk about multitasking.

See? This idea can save your space, keeps our yard neat, lessens farmer’s spending, produce great crops, promotes lowering of food items, and even help us on global warming. “Everything is connected to everything else.” So wander off and find that connection in life. You’ll be able to create something, which can benefit you, me and everyone.