Life is full of possible possibilities, possibly making this impossible to make all these possible possibilities possible in such a short life span. Yes, we do, we believe, that someday we would be achieving something in life; getting your dream job, find your true love, or beating Need For Speed using drums as controllers. With all of those in mind, we have created a “bucket list” in our own little minds. Bucket lists are lists (duh) which entails what you want to achieve, and those “achievements” can range from cooking Carbonara to eating a bucket of KFC in a local McDonald branch. Here’s a part of my bucket list. So these are:

(1)Drive a legit Shelby  cobra 450(2)Explore the Philippines on my trusty car(3)Get promoted in a job(4)Try to earn at least 15,000 pesos via arts and crafts(5)Create a band, or at least, make 10 songs from scratch(6)Donate an overall 200,000 pesos to charity(7)Get myself robbed, bringing with me baby books and nursery rhymes only(8)Have a house, with me as both the Architect and Engineer(9)Find that special someone, and hopefully get married(10)Visit Meccah(11)Survive the outdoors with my friends(12)Produce art inspired by daily occurrences, and try to sell them(13)In a mall, introduce myself to other people and be close as possible(14)Work out to the point that I experience change(15)Visit every house of my classmates, just by asking their parents’ jobs(16)Understand every personality types(17)Try to be angry for A WHOLE DAY *ask my peers, I cant stand an hour being angry*(18)Guide “lost hearts” through songs that will help understand themselves better(19) Go to John’s House and bombard a hundred of the worst puns I know, and see if he cries(20)Go to my fave concerts and buy albums I wont even use,  and pass it on to my grandchildren(21)Be a nigga, and by that I mean be a gangster who plays Violins and eats Fried stuff for 3 months(22)Die happy.

That’s about everything I have, and will still be added as I age.



*The image featured in the article is not a bucket, it’s just our good looking trash bin. Don’t ask why I took a photo of it.*