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Happy New Year?

It’s January 1; page 1 of 366. We hope this year will be a blast unlike last year. New movies, new games, new artists, new story. We expect so much on the good side, we didn’t thought anything bad can happen any moment. Remember the attack on Paris? We expected that ISIS will attack, but we did not expect it was on that day, and on that place since it’s pretty far from the middle east. We all were caught off guard. So would it still be a happy new year?

Some might say yes, some might say no. Some might say maybe, I say, well, I don’t know. (Read it again, it rhymed!) I don’t know the future, and I take pride of not knowing. That’s the very essence of surprise. Like they say, “You make your decisions, but in the end, those decisions make you.” We can’t blame if it’s rainy or sunny, the thing is, all you need to do is to make the most out of it. I promise, you will never regret it.

Making the most out of everything is like sucking every drop of pulp and juice out of a lemon; making every second last, o for the lemon’s case, making every drop satisfying. You might control your future, and might not be able to bring for past to life, but you can make it last longer and memorable. One example is your friends reunion, or like. In that moment, try not to shut your mouth and be a party pooper, go with the flow. You never know that it might be the last time you’ll see each other. It’s a bummer that you weren’t able to hang out together more. Nobody likes that.

Not knowing the future is a good thing. When you know the day of your death, I assure you, you will be out there doing stuff in fear that you might be able to do it, and you’ll be sad by not doing so. Satisfaction is another key towards a successful Happy New Year. It has a strong link with making the most out of everything. Satisfaction tells you that this moment is already perfect for it, while you make the most out of it. Even though you weren’t able to, at least, you tried. It’s better trying than doing nothing.

Surprise lurks around in every corner, and that’s the only thing we need to know. The rest will unfold itself as we journey through our lives. So, would it still be a Happy New Year? Of course it would.


———-<<HAPPY NEW YEAR!>>————


Watercolor Vision

What’s daydreaming? Those are the times when we imagine to the point we’re dreaming awake. We tend to imagine about the near future, reflect the past, or our mind flying somewhere over the rainbow. Most are pessimistic when they think about it. This happened to me for a whole day, but it’s not what you think.

Daydreaming is not harmful, and who said it was? It’s better to daydream when you’re idle. There are times we daydream with what we do, that’s why we pause unconsciously on our work. I wander while wandering around too. To cope up with that, I replace my daydreaming by listening to music. Music changes how I perceive the world, and how I do things. I usually listen to 60% Techno music, then 30% Rock and the rest is Metal. Techno can be very “colorful”, allowing them to cope up with my heart, head and hands.

With a personality that finds new perspectives, I see perspectives. I imagined things from fantasies and realities then connect it with possibilities. Simply with that, I can further understand life. I imagine a world is a colorful phenomenon from different colorful perspectives, and we tend to take this for granted. I enjoy life as it is. I don’t want this to change in a big way, I just have to think of something to make it better – like spilled paint on a clean canvas.

Some people wander off by working their heads off. They like tearing things apart and putting it back together. Some people socialize, some people read, some people play. You can really see different ways on how people imagine and wander off. Time can also affect us, and majority of us wanders off at nighttime. I wander off at noon, or what I like to call “Mid-day wander lust.” This means that I might not be the only one to imagine what I imagine. Never know…

We all are equal, but choose who we want to be. We have our own unique perspective of life. I have my own perspective, and I see the world colorfully, much like having “Watercolor Vision”. I wander to explore. I wander to live. I wander to be happy.

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