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My Christmas Break


Last Christmas break, I did something rather unique than most of my previous Christmas breaks. The break was the time we travelled to Cagayan De Oro city, in Philippines, in less than one day. I didn’t experienced going out of our hometown, Zamboanga City, via land transport. Worst of all, I didn’t even knew we travelled with my Uncle’s brother and my other Uncle’s “Someone”, so a total of 8 passengers in a rather a puny six-seater van. It was a bit traumatizing sitting in one position in 14 hours, but our travels were worth it. We passed Ipil, Dapitan, Iligan, Lanao del Norte, and more that I can’t remember amidst the entertainment we had on the road. . We stayed for about 3 sunny days and 4 spectacular nights in C.D.O. We visited different malls and tried out some food Zamboanga didn’t have. At least that simple trip will leave a lifelong memory.

At around 3:30 in the morning of December 19, we jumped up and immediately prepared ourselves for our first trip. My aunts were like Walkers from Walking Dead, and prepared as much as they can. Before we left, we had to read something from our holy book and did a simple ritual before heading out. I only ate half an egg and a hotdog. On the road, we heard songs by Oh Wonder, Ariana Grande, Ellie Goulding, Calvin Harris, Eraserheads, The Carpenters, Disciple, Skrillex, Clean Bandit, Westlife, Muse, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, and too many to count. We saw pretty surprising land forms, road side objects, and even store names. There was even this clinic named “All things great and Small”. I think its part of a child’s poem “All things bright and Beautiful”.

We arrived at C.D.O at around 7:30 at evening, and we headed straight to  GV hotel, near Centrio Mall. We settled down, took a small break, then headed out to Centrio to explore. Our Exploration went to shoe stores, including Vans, Nike, Air Jordans, and even DC. We also dropped by in a local album shop. We took our dinner at Yellow Cab; a pizza place. My brother ssaid that he can finish those two whole pizzas with no sweat. In the end, one slice took my brother down with no sweat. We kept the remaining pizzas to serve as our breakfast, which is very unusual for us.

The next day, we stayed in our hotel room the whole morning. I stayed near the window, taking pictures of vehicles you don’t see in Zamboanga. Around 10:00, I watched Star Wars episode 4. We went out again at 2:00 at the afternoon and headed to SM Cagayan. We actually lost our way going there, thanks to my Uncle’s brother. We went there and immediately bought snacks from Zagu and a Nacho stall. We took a stroll and my little brother bought a new Nerf gun; a N-Strike Sharpfire. I too bought something, which is a mini Gundam figurine, the chibi one. It’s my childhood; you can’t blame me, I guess. We went to the hotel we stayed and, again, went to Centrio and looked for a place to eat. We ended up with Sunrise, and their fried chicken is tastier than of Jollibee. After eating, I noticed a sign saying Timezone, and I was amazed. Immediately rushed to the place the arrow was pointing at, it was really Timezone! But before that, we bought stuff from an Anime cafe shop thing, which includes my bag and keychain. We played our heads out and scored 300+ tickets, while our Uncle was busy relaxing in a massage chair. We went back to the hotel, then I didn’t know what happened. They said I slept by the time I sat in the floor.

The last day was not that much; same routine but different mall. We went to visit Limketkai- the largest mall in C.D.O- and hang out. We didn’t do much that day except for the time we ate at Dong Juan, which is at Centrio (again). I ordered their Burger steak, and the results were outstanding! It was served in a sizzling plate, sizzling in it’s glory. The taste was phenomenal, the sauce compliment the patty, providing a light grvay texture to it’s rich and heavy beef taste. The patty was like 0.6 inches thick! Oh man, I can still remember it’s taste.

We went to Pagadian and decided to stay there overnight. The hotel we went to was cheap, but so spooky. It didn’t matter because we were too sleepy. We went to eat breakfast at the Lakewood resort and after, went to Zamboanga again.

That was about it. The rest of the remaining days were the days I haven’t played PC, nor my Ukulele.



Happy New Year?

It’s January 1; page 1 of 366. We hope this year will be a blast unlike last year. New movies, new games, new artists, new story. We expect so much on the good side, we didn’t thought anything bad can happen any moment. Remember the attack on Paris? We expected that ISIS will attack, but we did not expect it was on that day, and on that place since it’s pretty far from the middle east. We all were caught off guard. So would it still be a happy new year?

Some might say yes, some might say no. Some might say maybe, I say, well, I don’t know. (Read it again, it rhymed!) I don’t know the future, and I take pride of not knowing. That’s the very essence of surprise. Like they say, “You make your decisions, but in the end, those decisions make you.” We can’t blame if it’s rainy or sunny, the thing is, all you need to do is to make the most out of it. I promise, you will never regret it.

Making the most out of everything is like sucking every drop of pulp and juice out of a lemon; making every second last, o for the lemon’s case, making every drop satisfying. You might control your future, and might not be able to bring for past to life, but you can make it last longer and memorable. One example is your friends reunion, or like. In that moment, try not to shut your mouth and be a party pooper, go with the flow. You never know that it might be the last time you’ll see each other. It’s a bummer that you weren’t able to hang out together more. Nobody likes that.

Not knowing the future is a good thing. When you know the day of your death, I assure you, you will be out there doing stuff in fear that you might be able to do it, and you’ll be sad by not doing so. Satisfaction is another key towards a successful Happy New Year. It has a strong link with making the most out of everything. Satisfaction tells you that this moment is already perfect for it, while you make the most out of it. Even though you weren’t able to, at least, you tried. It’s better trying than doing nothing.

Surprise lurks around in every corner, and that’s the only thing we need to know. The rest will unfold itself as we journey through our lives. So, would it still be a Happy New Year? Of course it would.


———-<<HAPPY NEW YEAR!>>————

Telikós Katálogos Kádo (Ultimate Bucket List)

Life is full of possible possibilities, possibly making this impossible to make all these possible possibilities possible in such a short life span. Yes, we do, we believe, that someday we would be achieving something in life; getting your dream job, find your true love, or beating Need For Speed using drums as controllers. With all of those in mind, we have created a “bucket list” in our own little minds. Bucket lists are lists (duh) which entails what you want to achieve, and those “achievements” can range from cooking Carbonara to eating a bucket of KFC in a local McDonald branch. Here’s a part of my bucket list. So these are:

(1)Drive a legit Shelby  cobra 450(2)Explore the Philippines on my trusty car(3)Get promoted in a job(4)Try to earn at least 15,000 pesos via arts and crafts(5)Create a band, or at least, make 10 songs from scratch(6)Donate an overall 200,000 pesos to charity(7)Get myself robbed, bringing with me baby books and nursery rhymes only(8)Have a house, with me as both the Architect and Engineer(9)Find that special someone, and hopefully get married(10)Visit Meccah(11)Survive the outdoors with my friends(12)Produce art inspired by daily occurrences, and try to sell them(13)In a mall, introduce myself to other people and be close as possible(14)Work out to the point that I experience change(15)Visit every house of my classmates, just by asking their parents’ jobs(16)Understand every personality types(17)Try to be angry for A WHOLE DAY *ask my peers, I cant stand an hour being angry*(18)Guide “lost hearts” through songs that will help understand themselves better(19) Go to John’s House and bombard a hundred of the worst puns I know, and see if he cries(20)Go to my fave concerts and buy albums I wont even use,  and pass it on to my grandchildren(21)Be a nigga, and by that I mean be a gangster who plays Violins and eats Fried stuff for 3 months(22)Die happy.

That’s about everything I have, and will still be added as I age.



*The image featured in the article is not a bucket, it’s just our good looking trash bin. Don’t ask why I took a photo of it.*


TIL: Oh Wonder

People today love Taylor Swift, 1D, Nicki Minaj, Maroon 5, and others who pretty much sound like them. They’re all about Pop, which is a lazy term for Popular music.  Pop here, pop there, pop seemingly everywhere. I dig pop, it’s just that I kinda go with them occasionally. What I truly dig is that the songs have their own “greatness”, which is unexpectedly nice to listen to. Then, I met Oh Wonder.

Oh Wonder is, or are an English Duo. So, they are Brits in accent. They’re  Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, which surprisingly,  they just started last year. I met them when I was listening to KIKO by Panda Eyes and I wasn’t able to turn of YouTube’s auto-play feature. I thought that it was part of the song, until I opened the tab. Their first song I heard was their Livewire.

The thing I love about them is that they give you a different feeling of life. Their voices will sure want to make you play it again and again in bed, and just think about life. Their songs give of a relaxing vibe with a bit of color added to it. Most of their songs are rather gloomy, even though they look happy in their pictures. It’s a lie, when you relate it to the song. They make use of appropriate instruments and appropriate lyrics, so wont be hearing any f*** or a**.

Another thing I love about them is that their lyrics are simply great. Try to add it with their lovely voices! They produce a song every month, and every September,  they release an album! What’s not to love about them? Besides, they have a different kind of genre: Chill and Indie. That’s not what you hear everyday, you know. Not sure about you guys, but I’m kinda attracted to Josephine.

That’s the only thing I can say about them, they are quite mysterious to be honest. So be sure check out their channel on YouTube, and hear for it yourself!


Spaghetti Magic

We all have this mutual childhood friend; Spaghetti. It lights up our world and brings joy to the dining table. We enjoy everything about it, even as years went by. It’s mainly made up of pasta and tomato sauce. It can be cooked home style or fancy restaurant style, but it’s a bit too expensive to have it every day. What if, I can fix that? Spaghetti magic takes its place. All you need to do now is not burn leaves…what?!

Yup, start out by not burning fallen leaves. Just store them neatly as a hefty pile. For the next step, I just hope that listened to your science teacher during grade school. The next thing is to simply give them to the farmers. You’re now wondering, “Where’s the magic this guy’s talking about?” Magic, on this case, is not magic. It’s Science!

What happens to dried out fallen leaves? They rot. The process is called decomposing. Their “remains” can be used as natural fertilizer, and we are giving it for free to farmers. You’ll just have to find a way on how to transport it though. Since farmers use chemical fertilizers, with this, we lessen negative impact of chemical reaction to crops.

Without chemical fertilizers bought, a huge chunk of the crop prices go down since they don’t need to take some money for their fertilizer. This will eventually lower the price for wheat, tomatoes and other crops which can create spaghetti. If you think about it, it can also suppress global warming at the same time! Talk about multitasking.

See? This idea can save your space, keeps our yard neat, lessens farmer’s spending, produce great crops, promotes lowering of food items, and even help us on global warming. “Everything is connected to everything else.” So wander off and find that connection in life. You’ll be able to create something, which can benefit you, me and everyone.


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